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Thank you for your interest in Wahat Al Washm products and services, a leader of services in IT, Healthcare and Certification.

In order to get you to the right department, please fill in the form below or call us on +966 13 826 6398 or the telephone numbers provided below. Alternatively you can also send us email on info@waw-sa.com and we will get back to you asap.

Our Office

4772 King Fahad Road,
Al Badiya,
Dammam 32243,
Saudi Arabia

Email:               info@waw-sa.com
Telephone:      +966 13 826 6398

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Getting your company ISO certified?

Please visit Certification Services page for details. We provide consultancy, training and all the help you need to get approved for the certificates.

Need software solutions for your company?

Please visit our Software section to find out more. There is a wide range of IT services and solutions we provide to get your business fully automated.

Looking for Healthcare / Medical Supplies?

Please visit our Medical Supplies page for details.

Need to know about our clients?

Please visit our Clients section to see the amount of work we have done in the past.


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