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Technology solutions to grow your business,

improve efficiency and reduce risk

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Your Business Challenges Solved with IT

Boost Revenue, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Risk

We take the time to understand your business and audit your existing technology and processes. We’ll recommend improvements to your technology infrastructure that will lead to more efficient processes and smoother functioning of the business.

We’ll also suggest improvements to your key business processes, with the aim of reducing manual involvement. We’ll build you a robust infrastructure resulting in a low risk operation, but we’ll also develop your business continuity plan so you have complete peace of mind.

Growth Challenge

By strategically aligning your technology to your business goals you can regain your competitive edge and kickstart consistent growth.

Efficiency Challenge

Our technology will ensure that employees are productive and the business achieves a great return on investment from its workforce.

Business Continuity Challenge

It is extremely important to have a bullet proof business continuity plan and processes in place, so that your business never stops functioning.


Our IT Solutions and Services

Support & Maintenance

We are always on hand to respond to your requests and fix problems with your IT systems, ensuring the productivity of your organisation.

Project Management

We deliver IT projects on time and within budget. We can help you introduce new IT technologies without exceeding your budgetary limitations.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

We provide a reliable cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution that enables businesses of all sizes to safeguard their business critical data.


Mobile Device Management

We’ll help you to face the challenge of managing mobile devices in the workplace by introducing a solution that gives you full control on your devices

IT Auditing Service

We will conduct a full examination & evaluation of your entire IT infrastructure, your processes, policies, best practice, operations & maintenance.


Our professional consultants will identify, recommend and source the best network security solutions for your business to ensure the safety.


Remote Working Solutions

A facility to work remotely without compromising on network security. With our help, your team can work to maximum output, regardless of their location. 

Infrastructure Design

 We help our clients see maximum return on their investment in IT by ensuring they implement a tailored, fit-for-business platform

IT Procurement

From affordable entry level phones to products that deliver advanced applications to the desktop, Technomatical offers a broad range of hardware.


Our focus and values

Our focus is on providing companies with key IT support and tools to help run your business more effectively. 

Whether it's business, cloud or IT services you need, we can provide assistance in enabling you to operate to your fullest potential. There is no jargon, or sales pitch, just a reliable, informed team at hand to provide a bespoke service that suits your needs.

We understand your business

Our technology partners

Our quality approach

We provide an enterprise-grade customisable business applications, processes and reports, normally only found in large corporates. We aim to provide small to medium businesses the tools they need to improve their experience of using technology, while at the same time support them in meeting their business objectives.

We work closely with leading technology providers in order to deliver a seamless service. We complement our own services by working with a hand-picked selection of approved ‘best of breed’ partners to meet more specialist requirements and we manage to simplify and reduce your operational overhead.

Using individually strong and collectively extraordinary approach to ensure your success. This is built from our vision of Excellence and should be evident in how we act, behave, the choices we make and the people and partners we meet. We are Supportive, Spirited and Accountable. We Simplify and Surprise